“The Prodigal Son” Facebook post by Mick Mooney

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Here is his post:

“Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son was offensive to the Pharisees, not because the younger son rejected the father and went his own way, but because when he returned he was welcomed with great joy by the father, without a word of judgment about the younger son’s previous rebellious ways.

Straight back in as a son, no questions asked. He was embraced, given a ring and slippers, and a great party thrown in his honor. The older son expected the father to be just! To treat him not as a son, but a traitor! He expected judgement, but instead he witnessed his father pour out an abundance of grace! Unfair! Unfair! Unjust even! The older brother thought.

The Pharisees believed in the coming of a messiah, but what they expected was a messiah that would offer salvation from the hands of an angry God. What Jesus revealed was something totally different, totally unexpected and deeply offensive to the religious… Jesus revealed God the Father was not angry at all. He revealed God our Father is love.”

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